Sunday, 28 April 2013

Statement of Principles: Racism

Dear Reader,

I am a black guy, FYI.

Race is not a social construct. The people who argue that it is, need to stop blaming white people for everything.

Race influences differences across groups. There is a reason the top sprinters are black and not Asian.  There is a reason certain races are more prone to certain diseases.

Race likely does have some influence on intelligence, though the actual science is inconclusive and the influence is likely small. Culture, upbringing, and individual educational choices matter far more.

Institutional racism exists, though I do not think it is a major problem in America or Canada. The only area where I think real attention needs to be paid pertains to disparities in sentencing in the criminal justice system. This is a tangible injustice that should be addressed.

Beyond that, I don't agree with the idea that blacks are oppressed. We have become so sensitive to racism that even a mild joke can cost a politician his career.

If you want to see real racism you should go abroad. In Japan, when I tried to rent an apartment, the agent had a separate section of apartments for "dark-skinned foreigners." I actually appreciate the openness of it. Landlords casually bar non-Japanese from renting their property all the time and you will be hard-pressed to find a Japanese person who has a problem with it. Do not even get me started on Japanese racism against Chinese and other Asians.

In America, racism is a huge taboo. We worry so much about racism against blacks that we even allow "reverse racism" (an anti-concept) where we give preferential treatment to blacks in higher education and jobs. Public figures who openly express racist views are universally condemned. A radio host using the word "nappy" can lose his job. All of our institutions - our "establishment" is completely opposed to racism against blacks.

Racism still exists, of course. Many white people have racist views of blacks, but this requires some thought. There are basically two types of white racists.

1. Doctrinaire racists who believe in the biological superiority of whites.

2. Ambivalent racists whose negative views of blacks come from bad experiences and / or observations.

Nazis and KKK members are doctrinaire racists. They think that being white makes them special. In many cases, they want the law and society to prioritize "white" interests only, and to try to segregate white and black communities.

The guy who's iPhone is stolen by a group of black teenagers on the subway may become an ambivalent racist. He doesn't want to think badly of black people, but reality keeps getting in the way.

Living in NYC made me become an ambivalent racist.

This shouldn't surprise you. A lot of black people are ambivalent racists.

"Ni**** love to keep it real. Real dumb." ~ Chris Rock

I assert that the vast majority of white racism toward blacks today is ambivalent racism. Unlike doctrinaire racism, we cannot fight it with reason, science, or appeals to tolerance.

Chastising white people for not being tolerant enough will only encourage more racism. A white kid who goes to an all black school and gets beat up by a group of black kids is only going to become cynical when his teacher says "only white people can be racist!" A white guy who is harassed by a group of black thugs on the subway does not need to be told to value diversity.

I'm a black software developer. I'm the nerdiest, most non-threatening guy you'll ever meet.Yet I understand why a young lady might choose to cross the street or pretend to be chatting on her iPhone when I'm walking from the opposite direction. It's nothing personal; we all have the right to mitigate our risks, even when it isn't PC. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Thousands of white women will be raped by black men this year, while virtually zero black women will be raped by white men. A vastly disproportionate number of white people will be murdered by black people this year. We cannot blame white racism for this. We need to realize that there are deep cultural problems with parts of the black community.

It's not all blacks. There are middle and working class blacks who contribute much to society. There are black communities of West Africans, West Indians, and other immigrants who outperform whites because they work their asses off. It is the ghetto culture that we need to fight.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Statement of Intentions

Dear Reader,

This weblog is a shot in the dark.

It is a glimmer of hope. A ray of light. A prayer that perhaps there remains some hope.

It is my last best attempt to join the conversation about Western civilization and its decline.

It is a journal really, only perhaps a bit more formal.

It is an open journal; a place where I can formalize my thoughts and share them with the world.

The thoughts to be shared here will concern mostly philosophy, politics, and contemporary society.

I may write about art and other subjects if the mood strikes me.

As for me, well, I do not intend to share very much, but here is some:

I was born in North America and currently live there, though I have traveled around the world.

I am in my 30's, married, and I have one son.

I am an ethnic minority and my wife is a foreigner. We met when I lived abroad in Asia.

I am a computer programmer. My wife is a homemaker.

May my writing inspire reflection and meaningful debate.